Hall of Fame baseball writer Hal McCoy shares his thoughts on the Cincinnati Reds

Reds lose another one on a wild pitch

12:18 am Aug. 17, 2017

The Cincinnati Reds scratched, clawed and gouged at the Chicago Cubs Wednesday night.

In the end, they lost it, unbelievably, on a walk-off wild pitch by Blake Wood in the bottom of the ninth inning, 7-6.

Wood had two outs with runners on third and second. But his first pitch to Kris Bryant, a slider low, wide and ugly bounced off lunging catcher Tucker Barnhart and Javier Baez scored standing up.

Amazingly, it

Castillo baffles Cubs with six scoreless innings

11:53 pm Aug. 15, 2017

Just one night after the Cincinnati Reds played their worst game of the season — and that’s saying a ton — they played one of their best 24 hours later.

And most of it can be placed on the strong right arm of rookie pitcher Luis Castillo, who had the Chicago Cubs walking back to the dugout muttering expletives.

Castillo, pitching with the moxie and confidence of a three-time Cy Young Award

How bad was it? Gennett pitched in 15-5 loss

12:03 am Aug. 15, 2017

It was bad Redlegs fans. Real bad. How bad was it? The last Cincinnati Reds pitcher on Monday night was infielder Scooter Gennett.

And he gave up a two-run home run, which puts him on equal footing with most of the Reds real pitchers.

The score: Chicago Cubs 15, Cincinnati Reds 5. And it wasn’t that close.

Whenever the Reds are in Chicago, they should avoid Wrigley Field as if it is infected

Romano still resides in School of Hard Knocks

5:37 pm Aug. 13, 2017

Sal Romano’s School of Hard Knocks pitching education continued Sunday afternoon and it was another C-minus.

Romano dug his Cincinnati Reds teammates a three-run hole in the first inning and they couldn’t recover and lost, 7-4, to the Milwaukee Brewers. It was their fifth loss in six games in Miller Park this year.

When the three-game series began, the Brewers had scored four or fewer runs in 10 straight games, but Cincinnati

Reds hang on after nearly blowing eight-run lead

12:53 am Aug. 12, 2017

A couple of starts ago, when the Reds whipped the Pittsburgh Pirates, 9-1, the media approached starting pitcher Homer Bailey after the game and he said, “Go talk to the offense. They did it all tonight.”

Bailey could have used that refrain again Friday night in Milwaukee when the Cincinnati Reds nipped the fast-sliding Brewers, 11-10, in a heart-pounder.

Bailey was far from the sharpest nail in the toolbox, but an early

Need assistance? Call Hamilton, Duvall

5:17 pm Aug. 9, 2017

CINCINNATI — It was early afternoon, before batting practice, and coach Billy Hatcher was hitting balls to outfielders Billy Hamilton and Adam Duvall so they could practice throwing to second base, third base and home.

Yes, Hamilton and Duvall do practice those magnificent throws they are making in games for the Cincinnati Reds this year.

When Hatcher suggested the workout, Hamilton smiled and said, “Hey, Hatch. What else do you want us

Kivlehan knows hot to sit and wait

5:04 pm Aug. 8, 2017

‘All good things come to those who wait’ — Janet Fane, 1894.

CINCINNATI — Patrick Kivlehan is a baseball player who sits and waits. There are many like him — every one of the 30 major league teams have Kivlehans in their dugouts.

They are called extra players, utility players, bench players, pinch-hitters, pinch-runners. They have many titles but they all mean the same thing. They are not regular players and they

Baby babble dominates talk of Reds’ three catchers

4:55 pm Aug. 7, 2017

CINCINNATI — This is not a question from The Riddler, although it concerns three baseball players (Batmen?).

The riddle: What do Devin Mesoraco, Tucker Barnhart and and Stuart Turner have in common?

The easy answer is that they are all catchers for the Cincinnati Reds. But that’s too easy and that’s not the answer.

The answer is that all three will become fathers for the first time this month and all three will

Stephenson: No. 8 starter on Reds’ DL List

12:13 pm Aug. 6, 2017

CINCINNATI — It is never-ending, a long list that seems to have no end. Another Cincinnati Reds starting pitcher landed on the disabled list Sunday and, as always, it was for a different-than-normal reason.

Robert Stephenson is the latest victim/occupant and he landed there after the best start of his major league career last week in Pittsburgh.

During a game last Thursday, Stephenson dove trying to catch a popped up bunt. He

They’re paying attention to Siri in Cincy

5:42 pm Aug. 5, 2017

CINCINNATI — There was much head-shaking and grumbling around Great American Ball Park about how the 39-game hitting streak of Jose Siri ended Friday night.

Siri, an outfielder for the Class A Dayton Dragons, was hitless when he came to bat in the eighth inning and the first pitch was behind him. Another pitch nearly hit him in the chest and then the Loons pitcher threw a wide 3-and-2 pitch Siri