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You had a bad day? So did I

Remember Daniel Powter’s song, ‘You Had a Bad Day?’ My wife, Nadine, certainly does. She had it as the ring tone on her cell phone.

And on the day of our granddaughter Staci’s wedding, she and her husband-to-be, Michael Taylor, were walking down the aisle. When they were abreast of our chairs, Nadine’s phone rang and the plaintive tones of ‘You Had a Bad Day’ serenaded the room.

Staci and Michael survived that and have given me two wonderful great grandkids.

But I had a bad day this week, too. There is no doubt many, many people had worse days than I had, but it is one I won’t forget.

IT BEGAN IN THE morning when I made my daily trek to the Kroger Starbucks, a block from my house. I have had an elderly gentleman harassing me on e-mail for quite a while and I finally quit communicating with him. That made him angry and he sent some testy and harsh e-mails.

He, too, is a regular at Starbucks and we’ve been there at the same time. With my poor eyesight I sometimes miss him and he gets angry because he thinks I was avoiding him.

WELL, I WAS THERE WEDNESDAY and so was he, but I didn’t see him. When I got home I received an e-mail making fun of me for wearing long pants and a long-sleeved shirt on a hot day. Then he told me, “Your little dog is a better ballplayer than you.”

I was playing ball with Paige in my front yard, which I often do, and my front yard is not visible from Kroger. That meant he followed me home and saw me with Paige. And his message sounded like a threat to my dog and me.

My good friend and driver, Ray Snedegar arrived to take me to Wednesday’s game and I told him the story. He insisted, to be safe, I should report the guy to the Englewood police. He was insistent. So he took me to the Englewood police, just to be safe. The gentleman might be harmless, but I’m taking no chances. And the Englewood police took care of it.

SO I DECIDED TO TAKE MY my dogs, Paige and Cooper, for their daily walk. About a block from home, Cooper began tugging on his leash, trying to get at something. I looked down and it was a two-foot black-and-red snake. I hadn’t seen a snake in person in 30 years. And I hope it’s another 30 years before Iz see another one. I was afraid Cooper might have been bitten, but he’s OK. But my heart is still fluttering. I am a ophidiophobiac (fear of any snakes).

Then halfway through the walk, a sudden drizzle turned into a steady rain and turned into a heavy downpour. We all three got soaked.

WHEN I RETURNED HOME and changed by shirt I decided to write a blog about Cincinnati Reds pitcher Dan Straily. When I finished it, I pushed the button to post it. Wrong button. I deleted it. So I wrote it again, finished it, started to post it and deleted it again. Somebody was telling me not to write a blog about Dan Straily. So I didn’t try again.

SINCE I WASN’T IN Cincinnati, I was watching the game in The Man Cave with my good friend Murray Greenberg. Suddenly my dogs began going crazy. I jumped from my seat in time to see a huge pit bull charging across the street toward my dogs.

The dog belongs to a very nice couple across the street. They’ve lived there for a couple of months and I’d never seen the dog. They keep him locked up in the backyard. But he got loose and attacked my dogs.

Murray Greenberg saved Cooper. He grabbed him away from the pit bull and tossed him into his truck. But the pit bull was after Paige. She ran shrieking into The Man Cave, the pit bull right on her. I grabbed Paige at the last second and the woman who owns the dog got him under control and led him home. She is a very nice lady and she was mortified and said, “I’m so sorry. Your dogs are so sweet and I was afraid they were hurt.”

For about an hour Paige was traumatized and sat frozen on The Man Cave couch. She got over it quickly and soon wanted to play ball again. She wants to play about four times a day.

After that incident, I was finished for the day. I tossed my clipboard onto the table, no longer keeping score, no longer interested in writing about a game the Reds lost, 7-0.

And today is a new day — a better day.

POSTSCRIPTS: The Englewood police contacted my e-mail stalker and he took the blame and was apologetic and agreed to bother me no more.

The lady across the street said the pit bull had attacked their other dog recently, cut him up pretty good. She feared the dog might attack their young son so they turned the dog over to animal control today.




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