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A bright new world out there for me

UNSOLICITED OBSERVATIONS from The Man Cave while reading a book titled ‘Ohio Train Disasters.’ I thought it was a book about the recent history of the Cleveland Browns, a total train wreck, but the book actually is about real train wrecks in Ohio. Who knew?

CALL IT A miracle. Call it the advancement of modern medicine. Whatever it is, I received the best birthday present of my very old life last week.

Thanks to eye surgeon Dr. Michael Snyder of the Cincinnati Eye Institute, most of the vision in my left eye is back. It is a new, bright, wonderful world for me.

Over the last few years I had developed cataracts on top of the strokes of my optic nerves that left me legally blind for the past dozen years.

The cataracts became so bad over the last year that I thought I might have to fully retire. I couldn’t recognize neighbors across the street. My son, Brent, walked up to me at a Reds game late last year and I looked him directly in the face and didn’t recognized him.

DR. SNYDER NOT ONLY removed the cataracts in my left eye, he implanted a lens. The right eye? Hopeless. Too far gone from the optic nerves stroke. So nothing was doe with it.

It didn’t matter. The surgery took 15 minutes and when I walked out the door of the Cincinnati Eye Institute I nearly broke out in tears. Everything was clear. I could see a long distance. And I wasn’t wearing glasses

. I don’t have to wear glasses
any more after wearing them for 33 years.

I drove my wife, Nadine, crazy on the ride home up I-75. I was reading license plate numbers to her. Before the surgery, I couldn’t see the license plates, let alone read them. I saw things along the highway I hadn’t noticed, even though my driver, Ray Snedegar, and I made the trip about 75 times back and forth going to Cincinnati Reds games.

THEY TESTED ME the next day and my left eye was 20/20. Incredible. I always told Nadine she looked like Marilyn Monroe. I was wrong. She is prettier than Marilyn Monroe.

I still can’t drive and never will. My right eye is completely gone. And I still have tunnel vision and zero peripheral vision. I can handle that. I can see clearly at anything I look at. I can read the bottom crawl line on the TV — without glasses


My short vision is still fuzzy, but I can almost read without glasses. I purchased a $20 pair of reading glasses at a drug store and can read box scores and line scores clearly, something I couldn’t do over the last year.

I HAVE REDUCED the type size on my laptop

from 24-point bold to 18-point bold and it is so clear it scares me.

I am one lucky, blessed man. It has been a dizzying ride the last month. Four weeks ago I underwent emergency surgery to remove a 99 per cent blockage of my right carotid artery, catching it before some major catastrophe struck me.

Now this.

My 75th birthday was definitely the best ever. And I want to thank all 655 of you who wished me a Happy Birthday on Facebook. God bless you all, may He bless you with the way he has me.

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