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‘There’s blood everywhere’: Ohio teen accused of premeditated murder of 11-year-old brother

Better fights break out at Dairy Queen

UNSOLICITED OBSERVATIONS from The Man Cave, still wondering why I invested $100 to watch the Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao shoving match.


First of all, I’ve seen better fights at the Dairy Queen. Secondly, we should have known the ‘fight’ would be a bummer when actor Jamie Foxx showed us he can’t sing. His rendition of the National Anthem was a National Disgrace. Why can’t people sing it the way it was written without putting in their own absurd twists?


DID YOU NOTICE the guy dressed up in the Burger King outfit walking to the ring with Mayweather? Burger King paid the promoters $1 million to permit the character to get on camera for about 10 second. Here’s hoping Jamie Foxx paid $2 million to butcher The Star-Spangled Banner.


Now they are talking about a Mayweather-Pacquiao rematch. I wouldn’t pay 38 cents to see it.


ON THE SAME DAY American Pharoah displayed incredible horse sense in winning the Kentucky Derby, dusting off one of the strongest fields in recent Derby history.


His trainer, Bob Baffert, had another horse in the race, Dortmund. Of course, I put a few quid down on Dortmund, who led most of the race but was stalked and obliterated by American Pharoah, Maybe we’ll finally get a Triple Crown winner — if I don’t bet on him.


THE DEVIN MESORACO situation is perplexing. He has what they are calling a hip impingement. That means the Cincinnati Reds catcher can’t squat, so he can’t catch.


But they are keeping him on the roster to pinch-hit. And why am I perplexed? Don’t you use your hips to swing a bat. He hasn’t produced a base hit as a pinch-hitter since the injury.


There is talk he probably needs surgery and will miss four months. Why wait? Put him on the disabled list now and get it over with.


They started out the same way with Homer Bailey, believing that medication and treatment and rest might get him back on the mound. This time, though, when an MRI revealed a tear in the elbow ligament, they decided on Tommy John surgery.


IF YOU THINK the Reds bullpen has been bad, other than Aroldis Chapman and recently added Tony Cingreani, how about the work of the bench? On a scale of A to F, the bench is at F-minus.


The dismal averages: Tucker Barnhart, .231; Brennan Boesch, .190; Skip Schumker, .163; Devin Mesoraco, .083; Kristopher Negron, .077. And that group has only two RBI, both by Barnhart on solo home runs in games he started.


WHILE ORANGE FRASER Press has sold out of my book and a second printing is underway, still has books and some book stores have a few left.


If you would like to buy one now, I am appearing Thursday night at Bush Chevrolet & Auto Sales in Wilmington at 5:30 and they have some books.


I’ll also be in the lobby of the Dayton International Airport at 9 a.m. May 18, And I will be at a couple of libraries in the near future — the Vandalia library at 6:30 on May 21 and at the Kettering-Moraine library at 6:30 on June 2.


And, yes, I’ll shamelessly go anywhere to sell books. I’ll be at the Fort Recovery library on June 3 at 6:30. Then there is a reservations-only appearance June 12 (120 already have made reservations) at the Llanfair Retirement home in North College Hill in Cicinnati on June 12 at 5 p.m.







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