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UD should tell ‘First Four’ to take a hike

The University of Dayton should lock UD Arena on Tuesday and Wednesday and tell the NCAA to take The First Four and dump it into the bottom of the Great Miami River.


The NCAA tournament committee must have warmed up for what they did to the UD basketball team by serving on the O.J. Simpson jury. Has there ever been a bigger injustice?


The committee, perhaps overdosed on hotel coffee, ruled that the Flyers must play Wednesday in The First Four play-in game, which has most people scratching their heads like somebody with terminal dandruff.


What? What?? What???


They put UCLA (20-13) in the tournament. They not only put 13-loss Xavier in the bracket, they gave the Musketeers a No 6 seed. They gave the University of Cincinnati (22-10) a No. 8 seed. They put Texas (20-13) and Indiana (20-13 into the field. They placed Ohio State (23-10) into the tournament. And they gave Virginia Commonwealth, a team Dayton beat on VCU’s court, a No. 7 seed.


And they said UD is one of the last four to be included in their private little dollar-motivated party? What was wrong? Did Dayton not sell enough tickets for the First Four so they are making the Flyers play at home to make sure UD Arena is filled?


What must Boise State think? The NCAA supposedly stays away from having any tournament teams play at home. But Boise has to play the Flyers at UD Arena. What’s wrong with that fuzzy photo?


The Flyers, undermanned and undersized, won 25 games this season and weren’t those the Flyers in the Elite Eight last year? They played their ailerons off in the Atlantic 10 tournament and had VCU tied with a couple of minutes left in the championship game.


They played three games over the weekend and now must play Wednesday. If they beat Boise State then they go to Columbus for a game Friday against Providence — five games in a week.


What did the Flyers do to make the NCAA mad? They’ve been great NCAA tournament hosts and have done a fabulous job with the dinky First Four event, putting more people in the seats than anyplace else would ever come close to doing. And this is their reward?


Wouldn’t you have loved to see (or heard the scream) when UD coach Archie Miller heard the news, “You get to play a play-in game at home? Isn’t that nice?”


It is probably unfortunate for the Flyer Faithful in more ways than one. What must Miller think he has to do? How can the Flyers be that disrespected? It wouldn’t be surprising if Miller took the first BCS job offered. And that might come very soon. Alabama fired coach Anthony Grant, a former UD player, and Miller’s name is bouncing around Tuscaloosa like a loose ball. Never mind that big, big bucks will be involved. At least at Alabama he’d get some respect. Apparently the NCAA selection folks hadn’t heard that Miller is a semifinalist for national coach of the year.


On second thought, maybe that’s the only reason they gave the Flyers a First Four berth. Otherwise, they might not have gotten

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