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Hall of Fame baseball writer Hal McCoy shares his thoughts on the Cincinnati Reds
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Do the Reds need to shut down Bailey?

  • 2:25 pm Monday, August 29th, 2016 by Hal McCoy

It is almost as difficult for Cincinnati Reds fans to watch Homer Bailey pitch these days as it must be as difficult for him to try to pitch.

It isn’t pretty and it is pretty ugly.

Nobody can blame him for wanting to pitch, or try to pitch, after he sat out nearly two years with arm problems and Tommy John surgery. He could easily sit on his $105 million contract, but that isn’t Homer Bailey’s way.

His last two starts have lasted a total of 3 1/3 innings and he has given up 10 runs (nine earned) and 14 hits. He is [More]

Straily is ‘found money’ for the Reds

  • 4:56 pm Wednesday, August 24th, 2016 by Hal McCoy

CINCINNATI — It is like somebody walking into a casino and having the pit boss hand them 20 $500 chips and saying, “Here, have fun on us.”

It is found money.

That is what the Cincinnati Reds should feel like when it comes to pitcher Dan Straily. They were handed free money when the San Diego Padres put him on waivers three days before the start of this season and the Reds signed him.

The cost for Straily? The major league minimum of $512,100. In baseball, it is the equivalent of finding a pitcher in the bargain bin at Goodwill.


Votto ‘reaches out’ to Mays, Musial, Jeter

  • 5:18 pm Tuesday, August 23rd, 2016 by Hal McCoy
Cincinnati Reds' Joey Votto hits an RBI single off Texas Rangers starting pitcher Derek Holland during the sixth inning of a baseball game, Tuesday, Aug. 23, 2016, in Cincinnati. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)

CINCINNATI — There are players – some very good players – who would toss it in, give it up, write it off as “Paradise Lost” if they started a season the way Joey Votto did 2016. In some quarters, he was pronounced D.O.A. and the dirt was being tossed on his torso.

Two months into the season, Votto was a “Lost Soul”. When June began he was hitting .213 and struck out 57 times. The slide began Opening Day when he struck out three times against the Philadelphia Phillies. He had three three-strikeout games in April and May.

What to do, what [More]

Cozart: Reds future success is close

  • 12:10 pm Sunday, August 21st, 2016 by Hal McCoy

CINCINNATI — Zack Cozart’s view from the dugout is a seat he’d rather not occupy, but he certainly loves what he sees transpiring on the field.

Cozart was wearing a boot on his left foot Sunday morning, a maneuver to immobilize his tender Achilles tendon, an injury that has kept him anchored to a dugout seat since Wednesday. He hopes to return to the field on Tuesday, but it is a grueling and frustrating day-to-day thing for the Cincinnati Reds ever-improving shortstop.

“It’s fun and the second half of the year has been obvioulsy night and day from before,” Cozart said of [More]

Reds extras: The ‘unsung heroes’ during team’s surge

  • 5:23 pm Saturday, August 20th, 2016 by Hal McCoy

CINCINNATI — The accepted explanation for the sudden success of the Cincinnati Reds involves the rebuilt bullpen, much-improved starting pitching and explosive and efficient batwork.

Manager Bryan Price accepts all those theories as to why the Reds are 20-12 since the All-Star break, second best record in the majors, but he mixes in another facet.

It is the bench, the extra players, the guys who are nearly always forgotten until they either do something good or mess up.

THE REDS CONTINUE TO have their unfair share of injuries during this resurgence — shortstop Zack Cozart, second baseman Brandon Phillips, center fielder Billy Hamilton [More]

Reds: Not a team contenders want to play

  • 4:58 pm Friday, August 19th, 2016 by Hal McCoy

CINCINNATI — As the Miami Marlins discovered, much to their chagrin, dismay and grief, now is not a good time for contending baseball teams to play the Cincinnati Reds.

The Reds took three of four from the Marlins and put a big rip in the fabric of the Marlins wild card desires. And now it is the Los Angeles Dodgers, leading the National League West over the San Francisco Giants by a half-game. The Dodgers are staring down the suddenly double-barreled offensive/defensive shotgun aimed their way for the next four games in Great American Ball Park by The Resurgent Reds.

The Reds [More]

Hamilton believes he should own a Gold Glove

  • 6:29 pm Thursday, August 18th, 2016 by Hal McCoy

CINCINNATI — Billy Hamilton was asked if he thought he could beat Olympics sprinter Usain Bolt in a 100-meter dash from center field to home plate.

Hamilton, who always smiles, never parted his lips except to say, “I don’t know. I have no idea. No, I don’t want to try it. No need to embarrass myself. I’m not big into racing. I just play baseball and run bases.”

Bolt might beat Hamilton, probably would, but it would not be an embarrassment. It would be close.

Hamilton, though, did finally break into a smile and turned the question around. How would Bolt do on [More]

Suddenly Price is scrambling for warm bodies

  • 5:04 pm Tuesday, August 16th, 2016 by Hal McCoy

CINCINNATI — For the first few weeks after the All-Star break, Cincinnati Reds manager Bryan Price could have made out his daily lineup cards in a pile of duplicates because it never changed: Billy Hamilton, Zack Cozart, Joey Votto, Jay Bruce, Adam Duvall, Brandon Philllips, Eugenio Suarez, Tucker Barnhart and the starting pitcher of the day.

It seldom varied and was one of the major reasons the Reds gegtan winning regularly after the break, winning their first six series.

And then Jay Bruce was traded. And then Brandon Phillips began piling up injuries on most parts of his anatomy. And Cody Reed [More]

Iglesias should be the closer of the future

  • 4:13 pm Wednesday, August 10th, 2016 by Hal McCoy

He has a mix of Mario Soto, Johnny Cueto and Bronson Arroyo in his delivery and demeanor, the best of three worlds.

Those are three high-level models to emulate, but that’s what Cincinnati Reds pitcher Raisel Iglesias does. And he does it well.

THE QUESTION FOR THE immediate future is: What are the Reds going to do with him? Iglesias was the Reds Opening Day starter this season by default because both Homer Bailey and Anthony DeSclafani were on the disabled list And on Tuesday night in St. Louis the 26-year-old Cuban right hander recorded his first major league save, pitching a [More]

Reds invent ways to lose baseball games

  • 10:42 am Tuesday, August 9th, 2016 by Hal McCoy

In the early days of Hara Arena, when Lefty McFadden ran the first edition of the Dayton Gems of the International Hockey League, public address announcer Billy Hilbert used to admonish fans leaving a game before it was over by yelling at them on the microphone, “Never leave a hockey game.”

It applies even more to baseball games, even more than in any other sport. There is no clock, so time can’t run out on a team. As baseball essayist Roger Angell once wrote, a baseball game could last through infinity as long as the visiting team never made the last [More]

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